We provide high-quality consulting services.

At SKYTEC CONSULTING GROUP we aspire to become the leading management consulting firm, specializing in transforming and redefining businesses through digital & technology strategies and practical actions.

More about the company

SKYTEC CONSULTING GROUP offers business consulting and advisory services in business strategy execution (particularly in the growing digital space), finance and operations. We use innovative methods to unlock your business potential and steer you to success.

At our sole focus is to add value to your business. We are continuously reviewing our services and products so that we can disseminate the most current industry knowledge and best practice to provide leading solutions. All our services are delivered in person, we believe this is the only way to truly understand your needs and expectations.

Our core values are based on honesty and integrity and what differentiates us from others is the commitment to ensuring our customers get what they ask for. Our fees and charges are linked to successful project outcomes, which means your success is always at the forefront of what we do.

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What are we doing?


Demystify digital and focus on practical, immediate steps that set you on a path to digital leadership.


Whether you need to rapidly capture cost savings opportunities, zero-base your budget or strategically transform your cost structure - we can help.


Reimagine your operations—from supply chain to procurement to the Internet of Things—so that you can unlock growth, reduce costs and become an efficiency leader.


Ensure your organization is set up to deliver on your company’s strategy.

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Why do customers trust us?

We have done all the hard work! We are partnered with respected service providers in their field of expertise to deliver a complete business solution. We have established unique partnership arrangements with IT professionals and business consultants to ensure our clients are receiving the best products and advice at the most competitive rates. We aim to be the top-of-mind choice in our field, with an outstanding portfolio of business advisory clients and private equity investments.

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